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LAP has established a modern laboratory and purchased advanced testing equipments to ensure the endurance,high performance and reliability of products to pursue perfection for all of products.

Combination switch online test bench
1. Can detect each contact of switch terminals between on and off, the state of on-off can be real-time displayed in simulation bulb by computer monitor;
2. Can monitor and display the contact voltage drop of switch;
3. Contact pressure drop upper limit can be set (allowed pressure drop can be free set,contact,the detector can alarm when pressure drop exceeds indication);
4. Can monitor each unrelated contacts are whether short out;
5. The load current of each terminal contact  can be free set according to technical requirements and dynamic loading;
6. Voltage/current can be displayed on computer.

Combination switch's performance and durability test bench
Each table has three independent workstations,each station can do two actions at the same time,such as you can't only toggle the left lever but also rised up the right lever,rotate the right lever or pree the right lever and other joint actions.
1. Realize functions including toggling,rising,pressing, rotating for combination switch;
2. Each switch can be installed at once,can achieve a variety of actions when operates;
3. Multi-motors and multiple cylinder can be combined when operates,and each workstation has four fixed actions;
4. Universal fixture is suitable for a variety of switch in order to convenience for clamping;
5. Each contact can be loaded a current accrording to the standard's requirements in test;
6. Those three workstations can't only do durability test at the same time or not,but also synchronous or asynchronous;
7.Those three workstations can't only do durability test for a same type switch but also for different types switch.

Comprehensive property on-line test bench for ignition switch
Automatic detection for ignition switch's contacts pressure drop,force of insertion or extraction for key,rotating torque of key and other parameters,automatic draws the force and displacement shape,the diagram of torque and rotation angle.So that determine the qualified parameters.

Standard ignition switch durable test bench and inclinate ignition switch durable test bench (The angle can be adjusted from 0 to 60 ° when inserts the key)
1) All the ignition switch can be installed at once within universal ignition fixture, which can satisfy most of ignition locks' installation.In test processing,when turns the key,the lock body can be fixed motionlessly both and test bench,rotating machine and etc.,the main components can keep motionless;  
2) Can finish actions including insert,rotate,screw-in and back-out,or other combined actions.
1. The ignition switch key can insert,pull up and rotating function in each position;
2. Each switch can be installed at once,can realize the operation for all actions;
3. UUniversal fixture is suitable for a variety of switch in order to convenience for clamping;
4. Each contact can be loaded a current accrording to the standard's requirements in test;
5. Testing the  voltage drop for each contact both and on or off;
6. Detection the spring bolt of lock is whether popup or not;
7. To be automatic judged for the electrical life of measured sample,and the qualified parameters.

Performance,durability test bench for rocker switch,power window switch and ect.
1. Test object: Rocker switch,push switch,knob switch,toggle switch (within various panel or not,window lifter switch,rearview mirror switch,air conditioning knob switch,all kinds of special switch;
2. Experimental action: Press,rotate,pull up,life and scratch;
3. Experimental workstation: The three workstation for durability test at the same time or not,can also do it synchronous or asynchronous; Both for same type switch or not in the durability test proceeding.

Torsion test bench for auto switch
1. Detection the transference of auto switch;
2. Detection the route of switch when presses;
3. Detection the angle of rotary switch when rotates;
4. Draws the diagram for the power and routing of auto switch;
5. Draws the diagram for the torque and rotation angle of auto switch.

High and low temperature alternating and humidity test chamber
1. Temperature range: -40℃-100℃;
2. Humidity range: 30%-98% R.H (temperature at 30℃-100℃);
3. Temperature uniformity: ≤±2℃ (in load less);
4. Humidity uniformity: +2% -3% R.H;
5. Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5℃ (at load less state);
6. Humidity fluctuation: ±2%;
7. Temperature deviation: ≤±2℃;
8. Humidity deviation: ≤±2%;
9. Heating and cooling speed: 0.7-1.0℃/min (at load less state);
10. Power: AC380V;
11. Time setting range: 0-999 hours;
12. Temperature alternation range: -40℃-100℃;
13. Humidity alternation range: 40%-98% R.H (when temperature is at 30℃-100℃).

Comprehensive test box for temperature,humidity and fog carbinet corrosion
The test box is mainly suitable for the simulative salt fog corrosion environment conditions,according to the national standards to do corrosion test.Whihc is an important test instrument for studying the environment adaptability and reliability of electrical & electronic products.
The comprehensive test box conforms to below standards:
1. GB/T105872006;
2. GB/T14048.1-2000, QC/T413-2002;
3. GB/T2423.17-1993, GB/T10125-1997;
4. QC - T625-1999, QB/T3828-1999;
5. QB/T3827-1999, QB/T3826-1999.

Current pressure and insulation tester
1. The output voltage controls on 0~5 KV/0.1 KV;
2. The meter range of insulation tester can be displayed between 0~100 Ω 500 V DC;
3. Breaking current controls on 0.5/1/3/5/10 mA;
4. Timer controls on 0~3 minutes.

Contact resistance test bench